About Us

You've been there, right? The adrenaline is rushing through your body and your muscles are screaming for a break but you have just one more set to finish. As the weights clank back into resting position, you sit up to admire your hard work when you hear a loud ripping sound and a blast of fresh air hits your back. Your training gear is torn revealing more muscle than you intended.

Activewear Online knows traditional store-bought training and exercise apparel doesn't suit everyone, especially if you're a serious body builder. This is where our clothing makes all the difference to your workouts. Our hardcore approach to achieving ultimate muscular definition and fitness extends to the clothing we train in and sell to the greater bodybuilding and fitness community. Only the toughest, most durable and sweat resistant fabrics are chosen, enhancing your physique while providing both comfort and support.

What makes us different?

We're industry insiders. Activewear Online was founded by fitness enthusiast and physique competition, Jill Taylor. With over combined 15 years in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, Jill knows exactly what she wanted to wear when exercising but had trouble finding it.

Lifestylewear - Play it. Work it. Live it. Wear it.

Our range of clothing caters to the avid male bodybuilder, to the female bodybuilder enthusiast and to fitness fanatics of both sexes. Ladies feel confident knowing they can walk out of the gym after a strenuous training session and still look ultra sporty chic and sexy. With body regulatory control and moisture removal technology found in the fabrics, you won't need to worry about packing extra clothes in your gym bag. Our products easily move from the gym to the street.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to supply awesome fitness clothing products to Australians while providing great customer service. We aim to support the fitness and bodybuilding community through sponsorships of bodybuilding shows and, eventually, by sponsoring athletes outright.

The website has been designed to allow for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience offering bodybuilding and sports apparel not readily found anywhere else. For more information please feel free to Contact Us.