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March 27, 2012

Blog Post by Scott Goble – Multiple IFBB Super Heavyweight National Title Holder

After last months efforts where I shared the joys of achieving a modicum of success in the niche sport of amateur Australian bodybuilding, or as I like to refer to it, becoming a gold fish sized fish in a puddle sized pond. I would like to provide you with my insight into those that desperately want to make it in our little world and the lengths they will go to in order to convince people that they are in fact someone.

Fabricated Accomplishments: There is nothing better than a little bit of embellishment to help create the illusion that you are more successful. I’ve lost count of the amount of guys that have come fourth in a contest. They only announce the top three anyway, so I think 80% of the guys that come between fourth and tenth are claiming that fourth place. When you are winning, why not upgrade that title, a Mr International or Mr Australasia title so easily becomes an Australian title, after all you’re doing it to save yourself the hassle of explaining the hierarchy of the contest calender. It is open to competitors nationally, the nation is called Australia and therefore it, sorta, kinda, must be an Australian title, right?

Pro Status: This is a personal favorite of mine, nothing better than finding out one of your contemporaries is now a pro bodybuilder. Hell I won some prize money once, screw it I’m changing my facebook profile page to indicate this. Come see what I’ve been up to at Scott Goble Pro Bodybuilder.

Sponsorships: You know you’ve made it when people want to sponsor you…… you know that a discount off retail price is not actually a sponsorship and it is in fact a loyalty program don’t you?

Getting in Peak Condition: When your most serious diet was in preparation for a music festival……seriously, you serious?

Maximizing Your Girth: If it’s over thirty degrees and you’re wearing two jumpers and a hoody, well you just haven’t made it. If you are exhausted after a day in the public eye and can’t wait to retire to the privacy of your own home so you can finally relax your lats and delts and rest your arms beside your body, well you haven’t made it either.

Poor Decisions: When you vehemently claim that the decision that rendered you in second place at the Novice Mr Melbourne was political, yet there was absolutely no money, no sponsorships and very little prestige involved, well you just haven’t made it. When a decision is absolute rubbish because “sure he was more ripped, but this isn’t a dieting contest I was way bigger” well you just don’t get it.

Perfect Proportions: When you defiantly defend your lack of lower body development with repetitive use of the word aesthetic……yeah you’ve got a long way to go.

Gym Superstars: When you’re the biggest bloke in the gym and people everywhere tell you how awesome you would be if you competed, how you are the countries next pro, you’re absolutely massive etc etc…… might make it one day, but you haven’t until you get on that stage.

I would like to thank the FitX Expo (How awesome was the Activewear stand, by the way?!) for bringing every example above to the forefront of my consciousness. There were dummy spits in the mens classic division, plenty of t-back singlet wearing wannabes with their arms jutting out at impossible angles. Guys sitting in the crowd assuring their friends that they would have and could have won that division if they had wanted to. All in all a lot of people trying to get noticed, when in actual fact they probably were, but for all the wrong reasons.

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March 28, 2012, 1:23 pm

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