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February 29, 2012

Blog Post by Australian IFBB Figure Professional, Ellena Reidie In order to move forward you need to learn from your mistakes. I have been reflecting back at the year that I’ve had, this will enable me to learn and move forward into 2012 with guns blazing. 2011 started out to be an amazing experience. I married my best friend in a country that is close to my heart while prepping for the Arnold Amateur. Then came my 1st pro show in Melbourne which I placed top 5 and 5th again in New Zealand. I moved from representing Max’s to Maxine’s, this enabled me to be more interactive with female customers and pass on the knowledge I have learned. During this time I had my wisdom teeth taken out (something I don’t wish upon anyone) and I guess I was forced to slow down. During this slowing down process I was able to sit back and soak up the experience. The pressure I had put on myself was building up and I turned to food I don’t usually eat. We all have gone through some form of emotional eating, when we are sick, dumped, depressed and even happy. I had been on a keto plan since mid 2010 and my body was reacting to the insulin. This scared me as my body really started to change so I decided to compete. I wanted to feel good again and nothing was going to stop me, Al told me to rest and so did Goble but I didn’t listen. A few years ago I set myself a 5 year plan in my head. 1. Win the IFBB Vics 2. Place at the IFBB Nationals 3. Win an IFBB National...

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February 16, 2012

Blog Post by Clare Ross: INBA Figure Superstar I’m a great talker. I love talking to people and I really love it when I get some great advice. It’s like a piece of gold when its advice from someone that really knows their stuff, or someone who has gone through the same thing as me and has come out the other side. Some words or great advice have stayed with me throughout the years and some I have lived by and chanted to myself when I needed it. This week, whilst sitting on the couch with my glute/hamstring injury it became very apparent that I am not very good at all at taking some of my own advice.  It became very apparent after an acquaintance (upon knowing my dilemma) messaged me and asked me to recite the advice I gave him about combining bodybuilding and basketball. I remembered it well and although I stand by the advice, it seems I don’t take my own advice. Swallowing my own medicine would have prevented an injury which has grounded a large chunk of my training and all of my cardio. Actually when I look at it very closely it seems telling some people one thing and doing another is a bit of a habit of mine.  I started to recall some of the pearls of wisdom I have been giving out and contemplated; if I had taken my own advice on, how would it have worked out for me? Let’s start with the obvious and recent one, If you are going to partake in an intense team sport along with bodybuilding you are going to need to rethink your training. Intense team sports like...

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February 8, 2012

Blog Post by Scott Goble: 4 x IFBB Superheavy Weight National Title Holder Many cool things happen when you start to achieve a level of success in bodybuilding. Sponsorships like my one here with Activewear Online. People coming up to you and telling you they are a fan (My reaction to that is still laughter, even though I am a fan of many Australian bodybuilders myself). Getting free entry to hardcore gyms (I love this one so much sometimes I stand at reception and yell at the top of my voice “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!”  just to ensure my admission is free). But there are a few other lesser known indicators of success in this somewhat unusual sport of ours, it is these I wish to focus on. The Rumour Mill. If you have made it in bodybuilding expect to be involved in some rumours. The best of which have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. I was involved in a fairly recent one (I’d like to give a little shout out to the boys down at Evelyn Faye for circulating it so efficiently via the supplement reps). Apparently myself along with Lucky Hatzipantelis were involved in a major recreational drug bust. Neither one of us were aware of it, but it turns out we were two of biggest dealers of GHB in Melbourne. I was happy to discover that Lucky was the king pin and it was due to his downfall that I got caught up in it all. Absolutely no basis in fact! Neither one of us had been so much as issued with a traffic violation and you would be...

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February 6, 2012

Blog Post by IFBB Pro Kahla Bullemor A gym to me is my home, my safe place. It is where I am always happy. It is where I spend most of my life; where my passion lives and gives me something that no one else can. My family even sent my Christmas presents to the gym I regularly train, to ensure I receive them on time (sad but true…) Gyms are very unique environments in my world and I will often select which gym I train at based on a number of factors e.g. What body part I am training, convenience, atmosphere, time of day/night and how I am feeling at that particular time, to ensure I get the best workout for me. Most gyms have written rules outlining requirements and standards of behavior; however it is the unwritten rules which don’t seem to be adhered to due to either disrespect or lack of knowledge by members. Over the years I have trained at many gyms and come across common actions which irritate me, that seem to be apparent throughout most gyms. Over the Christmas period it dawned on me that I shouldn’t let these actions bother or frustrate me, based on the fact that the people may not know or be aware of the unwritten rules regarding gym etiquette. Therefore I have outlined a few of those annoying behaviors below to give insight into what are basic unwritten rules which people may not be aware of: 1. Talking Do not talk to someone in the middle of a set. If you want to speak with someone wait until they have finished and have had a moment to catch their breath...

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